Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chennai Bliss

I have cursed my luck to be born in a land so humid,
the place that probably is the reason for my life being torrid!
This might be why I overlooked what it gave me,
A lot more than just the food which happens to be yummy!

This city which acts as a culinary of cuisines, for a foodie like me.
Beats the kitchens of the world combined, to an act of mere shame..
Blame me not for the highly inflated bias
As this place offered home to me during the worst!

I can go on endlessly as to why I love this place I call home,
But still my mind desires a need for change. to a place like paris or rome..
Its not the hatred because of which I want to move out of here,
but rather because its absence would make me love this place more.

With my family and friends succumbed to its roots,
I would love to come back here when my mission starts.
Its gonna be long from now, as I would like to live like a king,
In this city where my life made its begining..

For now all I want to do is rush out of here
to start my career in corporate where I can find my peers.
I know its going to be long from now for me to get there,
Until then,its time to relish this city and the love of the ones here.

1 comment:

  1. Haha :D tis is something even i relate too !! Chennai thou vry unlike me but still has given me d best of memories nd frnds :)

    vry true as u said....