Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Six Pack Fantasy

I am sure every one of you have heard about those
If not, at least dreamt of giving a pose.
With your tummy's tucked in, you try to hide,
Something that always fails to subside.

This used to be a term only sportsmen cherished,
Until our hero unbuttoned and blemished!
Since was spoiled the life of men
Toiling in the gym from six to ten...

Who is it we are trying to impress?
Why is it we force ourselves into distress?
Because all these girls who drool over the pack.
Don't mind choosing someone with slack.

I am not promoting you to carry the lump,
But health is more than 6 you bum!
While this maybe something you think is cool,
Life has a bigger plan than this you fool.


The Disappearing Widow

As I rummaged in my bed,
I saw her run out of sight.
Wondering who, I tried to show my might.
But what stopped me, was fright!

Away she ran, into the darkness
From where I lay- in complete wilderness!
I yelled aloud and continued to for a while
only to hear my voice echoing in style .

The louder and closer I heard the meow.
My spine responded by sending a shrill through.
Adjusting myself,  I muttered to self-
"It must be a cat and no evil elf..."

It must have been a few more hours in the darkness
As the mix of rain and sand brought some freshness,
The love for it drew me to the window,
It was from there I noticed our disappearing widow.

I saw her walk, leaving footprints behind.
As she disappeared fear caught my mind.
With my hands clenched against my eyes
I sat around not moving for a while.

That was when I heard a woman laugh,
Thinking it might be the lady in dark,
I hurried back to the window, to check what caused the fiddle
The footprints now gone, were replaced  by a puddle.

There! I Freaked out seeing the reflection of a demon
As I looked at the branch- draped in white sat our woman.
I rubbed my eyes-to get a good look at the tree
Seeing no one made my heart beat free...

Relieved I turned and there she stood,
Smiling at me from under the bloody hood.
Shocked I was, as she attacked me with a pound,
In seconds, I realized I had no feet to the ground.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I walked into this place with life shattered
Pretty girls to encourage, which never mattered.
And so I thought, that I was stuck in there
In the midst of nerds who would never care.

Two days it took,to be proved wrong
When one of the nerds came up with a song.
We all laughed till our stomach hurt
But praised the hero for his valiant effort.

That's when I realized the 'I' became 'WE'
And these nerds were the best thing that happened to me.
Hence I decided to remove the tag(nerds),
With brand amigo being a reason to brag.

There were childhood stories that inspired,
Of men who failed but never retired.
It was this strength that made us respect,
And though different, learn to accept.

With this acceptance of one another,
We lived a new life dancing together.
Singing aloud and doing all those shameless acts,
Which previously would have made a few of us retract.

Like all good things this had to come to an end,
Not before making things easy before life's toughest bend.
With a new bunch of friends  who love and trust,
Oiling our hearts and saving it from rust.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Dad- My Hero

Like most fathers, you were the hero of mine
Because you were the reason I could shine.
Some say this worship dies with time,
Maybe its true, but not with mine

Yes we have differences, in thoughts and solutions
Probably the reason for the volcanic eruptions...
I know I get arrogant, wild and mean
Only when such differences, come in between.

You taught me to differentiate right and wrong.
Even to choose a mallu,  over a bong.
It is this comfort that we share,
Which would make the world jealous-in how we pair.

I remember all those childhood days,
When your life had no holiday, nor sundays.
Be it grooming the talent or skill we had,
Or working so hard to get the home repaired.

With all those roots you had to leave behind,
In order to see this new life- in a bind.
Your life centred-with us around,
Protecting us like feathers from the world above...

You stood by us through thick an thin,
Even through failures that bore a sin.
How are WE to repay-all this debt?
Except with love and an option to rest.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Mom- With LOVE

It all started with the repeat punching and kicking
To endure a pain that was never ending.
There started her sacrifice for a son
Even as the pain would make her numb.

With my birth, she breathed a sigh of relief
Only to realize it was the start of all mischief...
You would be wrong if you thought she'd give up
Because all that it did was - attention- doubled up!

Its not her sorrows that made her cry
But my small wounds that would easily dry.
She kept us away, guarded from misery
Taking it by self so that we didn't worry.

With all those young years of her life,
Invested - just to see us rise.
There is no way I could repay this debt,
To a mom who would seldom rest.

Even as our demands grew unreasonable
There was never a reason which she considered excusable.
For she smiled and gave us everything,
Even when her job, paid her nothing.

Shuttling between job and bringing up her son(s)
She always had the time for all our fun.
Lucky we were to get her as a mother
To love her we shall, all life -together.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The CA Bus

The CA Bus

Its been a good five years now,
Of classes- at different levels in a row.
Surprise, as it always had in store,
With lessons that went straight above.

It was initially hard to break out of the shell,
And bond with the ones who had nothing to tell.
It took time as it always does,
All that mattered was we caught the bus.

This was the bus that drove us around,
In the name of classes we were bound.
It's probably destiny that you meet,
Coz everyone boarded from a different street.

For now the final stop has come,
As you see the last of ' some'...
For life always has a bigger plan,
With a lot more buses to board and man.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Chennai Bliss

I have cursed my luck to be born in a land so humid,
the place that probably is the reason for my life being torrid!
This might be why I overlooked what it gave me,
A lot more than just the food which happens to be yummy!

This city which acts as a culinary of cuisines, for a foodie like me.
Beats the kitchens of the world combined, to an act of mere shame..
Blame me not for the highly inflated bias
As this place offered home to me during the worst!

I can go on endlessly as to why I love this place I call home,
But still my mind desires a need for change. to a place like paris or rome..
Its not the hatred because of which I want to move out of here,
but rather because its absence would make me love this place more.

With my family and friends succumbed to its roots,
I would love to come back here when my mission starts.
Its gonna be long from now, as I would like to live like a king,
In this city where my life made its begining..

For now all I want to do is rush out of here
to start my career in corporate where I can find my peers.
I know its going to be long from now for me to get there,
Until then,its time to relish this city and the love of the ones here.