Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Mom- With LOVE

It all started with the repeat punching and kicking
To endure a pain that was never ending.
There started her sacrifice for a son
Even as the pain would make her numb.

With my birth, she breathed a sigh of relief
Only to realize it was the start of all mischief...
You would be wrong if you thought she'd give up
Because all that it did was - attention- doubled up!

Its not her sorrows that made her cry
But my small wounds that would easily dry.
She kept us away, guarded from misery
Taking it by self so that we didn't worry.

With all those young years of her life,
Invested - just to see us rise.
There is no way I could repay this debt,
To a mom who would seldom rest.

Even as our demands grew unreasonable
There was never a reason which she considered excusable.
For she smiled and gave us everything,
Even when her job, paid her nothing.

Shuttling between job and bringing up her son(s)
She always had the time for all our fun.
Lucky we were to get her as a mother
To love her we shall, all life -together.


  1. Excellent Ajit. Loved it.. Aunty will be proud :)

  2. Super da .. did you show it to mom?

  3. Chanu- yes da! A modest gift from my side!
    Nishant- thanks man!

  4. @rashi and bhumi- thanks a lot! :)

  5. super :)wonder y u didnt pursue a career in literature!!!

  6. Thanks ramya!
    Sathya- coz it involves reading as well.. :)

  7. ayyada!!!!u will never accept wateva compliment i give u, even if its a serious tired!!! :O
    n anyways literature wudn b so demanding n bugging like some of our papers:P

  8. wow Ajith...saw this one only now...Any mom will be proud to receive such a lovely gift and most importantly..when a child understands and appreciates such sacrifices..I guess..I can relate to the MOM feeling now....

  9. enough said by enough number of ppl I suppose!! from my side...a standing ovation!

  10. Wow chechi.. Am honored by those kind words :)