Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Dad- My Hero

Like most fathers, you were the hero of mine
Because you were the reason I could shine.
Some say this worship dies with time,
Maybe its true, but not with mine

Yes we have differences, in thoughts and solutions
Probably the reason for the volcanic eruptions...
I know I get arrogant, wild and mean
Only when such differences, come in between.

You taught me to differentiate right and wrong.
Even to choose a mallu,  over a bong.
It is this comfort that we share,
Which would make the world jealous-in how we pair.

I remember all those childhood days,
When your life had no holiday, nor sundays.
Be it grooming the talent or skill we had,
Or working so hard to get the home repaired.

With all those roots you had to leave behind,
In order to see this new life- in a bind.
Your life centred-with us around,
Protecting us like feathers from the world above...

You stood by us through thick an thin,
Even through failures that bore a sin.
How are WE to repay-all this debt?
Except with love and an option to rest.


  1. I am sure ur dad would have been on the top of the world when he read it. It's awesome!

  2. a very good birthday gift one cud ever give!!!many more happy returns of the day uncle!!! :)
    with lots of love n well wishes:D

  3. Awesome da:-) Good work.. A poet in our gang!!

  4. "Some say this worship dies with time,
    Maybe its true, but not with mine"

    love this line...