Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I walked into this place with life shattered
Pretty girls to encourage, which never mattered.
And so I thought, that I was stuck in there
In the midst of nerds who would never care.

Two days it took,to be proved wrong
When one of the nerds came up with a song.
We all laughed till our stomach hurt
But praised the hero for his valiant effort.

That's when I realized the 'I' became 'WE'
And these nerds were the best thing that happened to me.
Hence I decided to remove the tag(nerds),
With brand amigo being a reason to brag.

There were childhood stories that inspired,
Of men who failed but never retired.
It was this strength that made us respect,
And though different, learn to accept.

With this acceptance of one another,
We lived a new life dancing together.
Singing aloud and doing all those shameless acts,
Which previously would have made a few of us retract.

Like all good things this had to come to an end,
Not before making things easy before life's toughest bend.
With a new bunch of friends  who love and trust,
Oiling our hearts and saving it from rust.


  1. Good one....continue to write like this...

  2. Thanks bro. Do take time off to read the other posts if you are interested :)

  3. M touched ! and wit every word ran a flashbck in my mind !
    realy happy dat u expressed it so well !

    wish to see some more :)

  4. Jones- :P - thanks a lottt! :) Wud surely write more ... Very happy u liked it.

  5. wow..excellent work :)) its so realistic from d start till d end.. t evokes a gr8 feel :))))